Easyhuman Cafe

Easyhuman Cafe
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Park House Annexe, 75, Wodehouse Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400005
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8 am to 11 pm
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Easyhuman Cafe mainlines our ideology by creating a grain free, dairy free, natural and nutrition dense versions of all-time favorite foods, without compromising on taste. We suggest to you that what tastes good should also suffice your body’s nutritional needs. We help you plan your nutrition and provide you with meal packages or single meals delivered to your doorstep at your convenience, so you never have an excuse to not eat well.
In a world of fad diets and calorie counting, we bring you delicious, appetizing, familiar comfort foods, which are also healthy. We help you to stop counting calories and start enjoying food for its taste and the realization that good nutrition helps you be healthy, be happy, be fit.

Offer Description: One coupon entitles you to one complimentary main course item when another main course item is ordered of the same or higher value. Valid on Salads, Small Plates, and Entrees. Valid on all days, including weekends.

Map of Restaurant, Mumbai
Easyhuman Cafe, House Annexe, 75, Wodehouse Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400005