The Colonial Palate

The Colonial Palate
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Old Bake House Building, Shop no. 1-1A, 16/22, Fort, Mumbai 400001
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12 noon to 1:30 am
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At the quiet end of the busy city, in the by lanes of Kalaghoda, is a neighborhood brasserie with bags of charm. And it’s not just designed for the neighborhood, but pays homage to it too; this is an area famed for its turn of the century artistic flair, the spice trade when The Portuguese, The Dutch, The British and The Mughals all established trading posts in India in the early 17th  Century. The Indians wholeheartedly embraced by the British both during and after the colonial era, evolved and mutated both in temporal and geographical terms. Its popularity peaked in the days of the East India Company when its employees
embraced all things Indian. Recipes were created, adapted and modified through the input of indigenous cooks, by the availability of ingredients in particular regions, by the social mores of the time and also by health and nutritional thinking of the nineteenth century. Running from the gamut of classics, the menu is free from any pretensions or gimmickry. Space is well-appointed that you will have the staff’s attention at every turn. Old school elegance, unfaltering service, and top-notch food are often woven in with a whimsical historical narrative too… We invite you to join us at The Colonial Palate in the celebration of food & culture.

Offer Description: One coupon entitles you to one complimentary food item when another food item is ordered of the same or higher value. Valid on Entire Food Menu except for Soups, Salads, Desserts, and accomplishments. Valid on all days, including weekends.

Map of Restaurant, Mumbai
Old Bake House Building, Shop no. 1-1A, 16/22, Fort, Mumbai 400001