Delhi Pavilion

Delhi Pavilion
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Sheraton New Delhi, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi 110016
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24 Hours
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The cuisine of Kashmir combines influences from Indian Hindus and Muslims, as well as, Persian and Afghan invaders. It is said that chefs from Samarkand were brought to Kashmir during the Timur invasion. They settled down and influenced Kashmiri cuisine to a great extent. This culinary skill is popular even today. Travelers from all over the world love the rich flavors and the delicious aroma of these culinary delights.

Various tribes and sections of society have added their own flavor to Kashmiri food. Brahmins use generous quantities of curd along with asafetida and ginger in their food, excluding egg, onions, and garlic. Muslims use onions, garlic, and egg liberally in their food preparations. Saffron and Kashmiri chilies are common spices in the cuisine of Kashmir.

At Delhi Pavilion, our Chefs have curated a menu which brings out these varied facets of Kashmiri cuisine and can impress the most fastidious of gourmands.

Offer Description: One coupon entitles you to one complimentary set menu when another set menu is ordered of same or higher value. Valid on all days, including weekends. 

Vegetarian TDH menu: Rs.1495 plus taxes 

Non-Vegetarian TDH menu: Rs.1495 plus taxes

Map of Restaurant, Delhi NCR
Delhi Pavilion, Saket, Sheraton New Delhi