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57, Rabindra Nagar, Khan Market, New Delhi 110031
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12 noon to 12 midnight
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A Colonial Affair
The colonization of India by the British is not the brightest spot in the archives of India’s history for, well, obvious reasons. What is hard to dispute, however, is that in the four centuries of domination, a sparkle of light emerged in the kitchens of the country, brewing and cooking what would eventually become the Anglo-Indian cuisine. Fast forward to the present, and the beauty of this artful collaboration is underappreciated. This gastronomic experience desperately needs a shot in the arm, a welcome back to the community with grace, style and poise. Something like Anglow.
What to order?
Anglow is the gatekeeper of the lost art of a niche cuisine, and its retouching of classics is a skill that is rare and exquisite. The Devilled Scotch Eggs is a personification of the Anglo-Indian name itself; an English dish with an Indian touch. The piped yolk along with the potato based coating makes every half a fulfilling meal. The Shami Kebabs continue the same trend started by the eggs. Much thicker than regular shami kebabs, this classic has been mildly experimented with but, mostly kept the same. The flavour is brilliantly accentuated by the slightly sweet green chutney that accompanies it. One thing common between the English and the Indians was their love of spirits. The Elderflower Spritzer deceives you with its elegance, slowly creeping upon you with its lavender-flavoured beauty that hits you the moment you let your guard down. The Ginger Fume transports you back to the forest residences of the pukka angrez. The thyme smoke coupled with the mellow whisky and ginger aftertaste can convince even the staunch dislikes of the alcohol to finish a glass all by themselves.
Pro tip
Do not forget to finish off your meal with the Tipsy Pudding. If you like fresh fruits and layered cake, then nothing can come close to this dish.
Great for
Dinner dates, office get togethers, brunches, a unique food experience, brilliant cocktails.
What could be better?
While the flair for the dramatic is the Prawn Hot Plate’s forte, the prawns itself might feel a little undercooked to some.

Offer Description: One coupon entitles you to one complimentary main course item when another main course item is ordered of the same or higher value. Valid on Big plates. Valid on all days, including weekends.

Map of Restaurant, Delhi NCR
Anglow, 57, Rabindra Nagar, Khan Market, New Delhi - 110031