Gift the Gourmet Passport App

Give a Gift that keeps giving back

We agree, the Gourmet Passport app is a fantastic gift to give to your friends, family and employees. With such wonderful festivals coming up, you can set up your gift account with us and choose to gift the app as and when you like, whether it's Diwali, Christmas, or someone's birthday or anniversary.

You can even customize the message so that when they use your gift code to activate the app, they will know this thoughtful gift has come from you!

Just fill in your details and our Gift Concierge will contact you and get you started.

How the Gourmet Passport Gift Account works:
1) To set up the Gift Account the user must already have a paid subscription for the Gourmet Passport app
2) The Gift Account requires a minimum of purchase of 10 Gourmet Passport apps for gifting (see below for discount available for Gift Account holders)
3) After the payment is received for the gift apps, the account holder will be emailed a Gift Code within 7 days after we receive your payment. This Gift Code can be shared with the people to whom the gift is being given.
4) The Gift Code will only be valid for the stipulated period of time and can only be used once by any user.
5) To use the Gift Code, the user will need to download the Gourmet Passport app, and the moment the Gift Code is used it will unlock all the coupons in the app

 Discounts for Gift Account holders

  • 10 to 49 apps – 20% off on Rs.999. Pay only Rs.800 per app 
  • 50 to 99 apps – 30% off on Rs.999. Pay only Rs.700 per app
  • 100+ apps – 40% off on Rs.999. Pay only Rs.600 per app
Please note that discount slab will be applicable on number of apps being purchased at one time. App purchases will not be accumulated to qualify for a higher discount slab.