Rules of Use


Each participating restaurant will provide single-use discount coupons, which will be valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Each coupon entitles the user to one complimentary buffet, set meal, main dish, IMFL drink or cocktail when another similar item is ordered of same or higher value.


The offer applies to one bill per table/group. A maximum of 3 Gourmet Passport app coupons can be redeemed at one time at one restaurant.

The table below explains how many coupons can be redeemed:





Eligible items ordered




Coupons allowed





The user should ensure that the Server/Manager of the restaurant is aware that they will be using the Gourmet Passport app coupons.

The Gourmet Passport app coupon must be presented and redeemed prior to requesting the bill.

Coupons apply only to the items and terms specified on the offer. Please read the Offer Details for your chosen restaurant in the app or on our website before dining there.

Offers can be used, at any time during regular opening hours, unless specified.

Once a redemption is authorized by the merchant there is no way to cancel it in the system and the redeemed coupons will be deducted from the user's Gourmet Passport app account.

Users may get other promotional offers for a limited period during the validity of the app, which may be run from time-to-time.


The Gourmet Passport app cannot be used on the following days:

  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Eve
  • New Year's Day
  • Valentine's Day

Coupons are not transferable and are void if purchased, sold or bartered for cash.

All offers are exclusive and not valid in conjunction with any other discount offers, promotions, special menu items, and dining or loyalty programs.

Offers are valid solely for the item listed and are not valid for special events, theme nights, buffets or brunches - unless specified by the merchant.

Offer does not apply to Breakfast, Appetizers, Small Plates, Shared Platters, Side Dishes, Rice and Breads, Desserts and Beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), unless specified otherwise.

Offers are not valid in conjunction with B.Y.O (bring your own liquor) or Corkage Fees.

Discounts do not apply to Service Charges and/or Government Taxes

The Gourmet Passport app coupons are valid for dine-in only, unless specified.

Offers are not valid for delivery, unless specified.

Please note, that the Gourmet Passport App cannot be held responsible if an outlet is temporarily or permanently closed during the offer validity period.


Through the Refer and Earn program we want to reward users who get their friends and family to purchase the Max Pack of Gourmet Passport coupons. 

Each paid user will be provided a unique Referral Code (Ref Code) in the app. They can share this code with their contacts and if that person purchases the Gourmet Passport Max Pack using the Referral Code, then both individuals will receive a cash back in their Gourmet Passport accounts worth Rs.100. This cash back can be used towards the payment of future Gourmet Passport Offer Packs or other rewards, from time to time.

The cash back amount and usage can be modified by Gourmet Passport management at any time without prior notice. The details of the applicable cash back earning and usage process will be updated in the app and website.

If the Referral Code is not entered at the time of purchase of the Max Pack then no cash back credit will be given to either of the accounts.

The referral program cash back will reflect in the users accounts within 24 hours of the purchase of the Max Pack

Any cash back balance will expire one year from the last date of purchase of the Gourmet Passport Offer Pack. For example if the user last purchased the Max Pack on 1st  August, 2016 then he/she must use any cash back balance in their account by 31st July, 2017 otherwise their cash back balance will be reset to zero on 1st  August, 2017

Cash back balance will not be paid out in cash and must be spent on Gourmet Passport Offer Packs and rewards only.

A particular Referral Code can only be used once to purchase a Max Pack. For future purchases the buyer must provide a different Referral Code.

Only one Referral Code and/or Promo Code can be used at one time. 

Cash back balance cannot be used in conjunction with a Referral Code and/or Promo Code.


From time to time users may receive Promotion Codes (Promo Codes) to be used in the Gourmet Passport app. These Promo Codes could provide a user extra coupons, discounted Offer Packs or free credit towards future purchases amongst other things.

Only one Referral Code and/or Promo Code can be used at one time.


The barter, trade, sale, purchase or transfer for compensation of the Gourmet Passport app coupons/offers or contents by any person or entity, including but not limited to travel services, travel providers, printers, publishers, developers and distributors of the Gourmet Passport app and Gourmet Passport website, is strictly prohibited, unless expressly authorized by Digital Classifieds Ltd. Additionally, the use of the Gourmet Passport app, the Gourmet Passport website or any of its coupons/offers for advertising purposes is strictly prohibited. Any use of these coupons/offers in violation of the Rules of Use will render the coupon/offer VOID, and violators will be prosecuted & will lose the use of the App forthwith. Digital Classifieds Ltd will not be responsible for any restaurant/merchant/establishment closure, breach of contract, or refusal to accept the coupons/offers, however, we will use our best efforts to secure compliance. Digital Classifieds Ltd will not be responsible in the event of Acts of God, natural calamities, fire casualties, illness, injury or other events beyond its control.