ROCKY MOHAN Launched THE GOURMET PASSPORT APP ( favourite dining service now on smart phone app )

A Press Meet was hosted by Rocky Mohan Founder DELHI GOURMET CLUB; BRAND AMBASSADOR OLD MONK RUM; CELEBRATED COOK BOOK AUTHOR to announce the launch of the Gourmet Passport app, the first time that the Gourmet Passport is coming onto a pure digital platform making it easier for users to discover the best restaurants in Delhi NCR!

Mr. Rocky Mohan says “In the last couple of years, the use of mobile technology has transformed customer behaviour. Today, diners are looking to interact with their most loved restaurants digitally and on the move. This is why we think the features of the app are so up-to-date: In this app, we stick to their original proposition which is buy one main course, get one main course free – just imagine the savings!

Siddhartha Mohan, Rocky Mohan and Atul Mohan

The app includes 80 top-rated restaurants in Delhi NCR including 46 five star restaurants. As this is the first year for the app, we will include a curated list of 80-100 top-rated restaurants of Delhi NCR and appeal to a discerning clientele. The app will have the standard one-year validity from April 1, 2016 till March 31, 2017.”

The digital and dynamic nature of the app also means that newer restaurants will keep getting added to the list throughout the year. The plan is to include casual dining restaurants, bars and buffets to the app over the next few months, based on user feedback.

How does the Gourmet Passport app work?

Step 1 – Download the app from the app Store or Google Play and install the app on your smart phone.
Step 2 – Create an account either in the app itself or go to
Step 3 – Buy one of the 3 packs on offer on your smart phone using your Credit Card or Debit Card or Net Banking
Step 4 – Announce your intention of using the Gourmet Passport App when you call for the bill at the restaurant that you are dining & then follow the process to redeem the coupon as per the terms & conditions.